MSS 800 offers you

Increased speed at reduced cost

The MSS 800 mobile sander is a 1-man operated equipment specially developed for sanding of wind turbine blades. It will perform your sanding routines quicker and with a uniform and more consistent finish than that of manual sanding. MSS 800 simplifies your day-to-day interaction and reduces operating cost by 75 percent or more. 

MSS 800 has been technical evaluated by major global players in the wind energy business – 23 installations are currently running every day at various customers. Most customer have a return on investment in less than 2 years, compared to manual sanding, and several business cases have already shown significant saving, also in geographical areas where the labor cost is low. 

MSS 800 have provided a wide range of advantages for our customers

  • Uniform quality
  • No dust – improved working environment and safer operations 
  • Flexible installation, nothing is fixed to the building
  • Easy packing/installing elsewhere if demands changes
  • Extended lifetime of the sanding strips 
  • Low sanding cost per M2
  • Low operational cost
  • Prepared for larger blade