Semi-automatic blade sanding

Increase you profits and outperform the competition

Semi-automatic sanding of wind turbine blades simplifies your daily sanding routines and makes the end-product more profitable. It increases the production speed and reduces the operating costs significantly. The semi-automatic sanding also enables a more consistent high-quality finish than that of manual sanding.

Instead of 6-10 people working on unsecure platforms and sanding with orbital sanders on the same blade, semi-automatic sanding requires just one person operating the machine. This means that wear-out, working hazards and negative impact on operators are minimized in the finish shops.

One machine and one operator mean one uniform, consistent quality and minimized risks! 

Semi-automatic blade sanding

  • Increases production speed at reduced cost
  • Performs consistent high-quality finish
  • Offers significant labor and materials savings
  • Improves the working environment
  • Helps outperform competition

The evolution of the blade sanders

Year after year the wind turbine blades are getting bigger and bigger while the margins in the industry are getting smaller and smaller.
To address this evolution, we have developed the 2nd and 3rd generation of our MSS 800 semi-automatic sanders. Thus the latest edition, the MSS 800 version 3.0, enables you to sand all the known blade sizes.

 Larger solution for larger tasks

 Our sanders get bigger and their reach increases, but our focus never change: We strive to constantly improve the performance, lower your sanding costs and increase the sanding speed, at the same time as we do not compromise with the high-quality finish. Thanks to this, our 2nd and 3rd generation sanders significantly outperforms other sanders in the market.