Much more than a supplier

We offer you top quality advice, equipment and high-quality consumables

As a process partner with extensive know-how in sanding blades, we are much more than just a machine supplier. We offer top quality advice, equipment and consumables within surface treatment of wind turbine blades. Partnering up with us, you gain access to our knowledge and technology which has proven its worth through the preparation of more than 300,000 blades since 1994.


We offer:

  • Mobile Semi-Automatic Sander: Improves the working environment, perform consistent high-quality finish and offers significant savings.
  • Machines & Consumables: Hand-held equipment and high-quality consumables necessary for surface treatment of wind turbine blades.
  • HSE, Quality, Economy: Analysis and advice of our specialists, who help optimize quality, economy and HSE issues in blade production.