The connection between HSE, Quality and Economy

Our strong commitment and high quality standards pays off for you

Manuel sanding of wind turbine blades has numerous hard and hazardous impacts on operators.

The quality standards of our advice and solutions is sure to pay off for you in the long run through simplified day-to-day interactions, reduced operating time etc. And our innovative products, advice and services is sure to eliminate or minimize numerous hard and hazardous impacts on your operators.

Thus we firmly believe that our commitment to HSE and to quality will be your business advantage and give you a cutting edge.

HSE issues are crucial to your operation

Sanding wind turbine blades has numerous hard and hazardous impacts on operators, which we are designed to eliminate or minimize:

  • White fingers
  • Static electricity
  • Repetitive work
  • Massive quantities of dust
  • Work from platforms, ladders and lifts

We go to great lengths to understand your operation thus we are able to offer you products, advice and services to improve your working environment.

We strive towards safety and environmental excellence in your operation. Which mean:

  • No harm to people
  • No damages to the environment
  • No accidents



    Quality pays – Quality shows

    Quality is our trademark from the expert advice of our specialists to our innovative solutions and consumable, which are all optimized for blade production and designed to become your business advantage.

    Our dedication to quality in everything we do ensure your blades:

    • Consistent finish
    • Long lasting results
    • Best results possible
    • Longer service life
    • Less maintenance

    Our technology has proven its worth through the treatment of more than 300,000 blades since 1994, and quality from start to finish – from mould to paint – has been key to this success.

    Obtain an effective, healthy and financially viable production

    Sanding is usually very expensive. We offer several options to significantly reduce procurement, operating and maintenance costs.

    Our specialists will ensure optimal value reg. processes, equipment and consumables:

    • Identify potentials for streamlining and optimizing your operation
    • Identify optimal overall solution for your operation and business
    • Choose the right equipment and consumables for the job at hand

    Price is a long-term consideration, and durable quality and long-term service life beats cheap acquisition:

    • Our solutions, tools and consumables reduce processing time by up to 75 percent
    • The solutions free up workforce for more rewarding tasks
    • Our quality reduce both service time, maintenance and replacement costs
    • Our specialists help you develop products and streamline processes