Semi-Automatic Sander

Increased speed at reduced cost

Mobile Semi-automatic Sander 800 is a one-man-operated device specially developed for sanding of wind turbine blades. It will perform your sanding routines quicker and with a more consistent finish than that of manual sanding. It eliminates the need for expensive platforms and problematic safety measures.  MSS 800 will significantly simplify your day-to-day interaction and reduce your operating time by as much as 75 percent or more.

In addition to that the machine is very rigid and stable, that is an advantage handling different geometries.


Improved working environment

Sanding with hand-held power tools has a lot of unfortunate and hazardous impacts on operators from white fingers to static shock.

MSS 800 solves these challenges to the health and safety of your staff. The sanding head is equipped with an effective dust suction that easily connects to the air extraction systems at site, thus, improving the overall air quality in the entire blade workshop.

  • No negative impact on the work safety
  • No risk for negative impact on the health of operators
  • No dust, no vibrations, no wear out of workers
  • No risk for static shock

Technical and safety highlights MSS 800

  • Known and proven technology – 23 installations running every day at various customers
  • ATEX proven dust extraction
  • Exchangeable filters that allows usages of an onboard dust extraction
  • On-board cable winder to secure cable and people not from falling over the cable.
  • High availability, uptime better than 98 %
  • Low maintenance cost. Annual cost less than 10.000 Euro in parts
  • Robust sanding strips – do not break apart during sanding operation
  • Secure sanding due to constant surface speed and rotation on the sanding drum
  • Safe handling with fall protection on the vertical axis
  • Easy maneuvering due to onboard dust extraction

Summary: Mobile Semi-Automatic Sander 800

  • Improves all aspects of the working environment
  • Eliminates the need for unsafe and expensive platforms
  • Release workforce for more profitable and rewarding tasks
  • Perform consistent and high-quality finish on the entire area

In addition to that the risks are minimized as it is “one operator – one machine”. There is no interaction between operators. Every detail and process are design according to risk assessment analyses with a strong focus one safe working activity for the operator.


Engineered Sanding Solution – one week from Promise to Proof

1. Onsite Process Test

  • Our task force install the unit
  • Only 4 hrs. from off-load to test
  • No assistance needed

2. Real-life Testing

  • Sanding a 60 m blade in 2,5 hrs.
  • Running quality tests
  • Dialog with Quality Manager/staff
  • Educating Machine Operators

3. Evaluation and Conclusion

  • Operating time per square meter
  • Total processing time
  • Total usage of consumables
  • Consistent finish grade


4. Business Case

  • Profitability and payback
  • HSE impact

5. Total Quotation

  • Price for the complete unit – buy or rental
  • Consumables
  • Optional service contracts

6. Running Solution

  • Complete unit is ready to work
  • Quality consumables at hand
  • Running process optimization high-quality finish on the entire area


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