Today: 6-10 people with orbital sanders

With the MS 800: one person operating

Today: 6-10 people with orbital sanders

With the MS 800: one person operating

Risk mitigation on the MSS 800

The MSS 800 is designed according to risk assessment analyses. Since it is one-man operated machine, the risk of illness or injuries is limited from many persons to just one person. One machine and one operator mean one uniform and consistent quality. 

Low risk on output quality:

  • One machine, one operator, one quality
  • Quality measures to follow by just one trained operator 
  • Controlled and uniform quality

Controlled low risk of sick leave:

  • No interaction between numbers of workers
  • Design according to risk assessment analyses
  • Safe working activity for the operator
  • No platforms

Health and safety:

  • No risk for negative impact on operators 
  • No risk of falling from platforms  
  • No dust, no vibrations, no wear out of workers 
  • No risk for static shock
  • 98 % of airborne dust is collected by on-board dust extraction 

Instead of 6-10 people sanding with orbital sanders, you will need just one person operating the MSS 800: One machine + one operator = one uniform quality.

In addition to that the risks are minimized as it is “one operator – one machine”.  There is no interaction between operators. Every detail and process are design according to risk assessment analyses with a strong focus one safe working activity for the operator.


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