MSS 800 3.0:
The 3rd generation of blade sanders

Based on technical and economic evaluation from installations currently running at major global players, we have developed a 3rd generation of blades sanders. The brand-new sander offers a range of improvements and provides the ability to sand all known and future blade sizes. 

As our previous generations of 1-man operated sanders, the MSS 800 3.0 performs the sanding routines quicker and with a uniform and more consistent finish than that of manual sanding. Most customer have had return on investment in less than 2 years, compared to manual sanding, and several business cases have shown significant saving. The 3rd generation of sanders is built to perform even better.

MSS 800 3.0 highlights and improvements compared to the version 2.0:

  • Compact design and a precise maneuverability.
  • Safe and convenient On-board Dust-Extraction – DUX 3.0 Flex.
  • Enhanced reach enables sanding of all known and future blade sizes.
  • Double chains for double safety.
  • Practical and easy-to-use Power Cable Winder 3.0 Flex.
The MSS 800 3.0 sands in both upwards and downwards directions reducing the overall process time significantly compared to the earliest versions. Compared to the 2nd generation of sanders the MSS 800 3.0 has an enhanced reach enabling it to sand all known and future blade sizes.


The on-board DUX 3.0 dust-extraction is approved for ATEX and H-marked and can be used inside production facilities. For extraordinary safety the dust from the sanding process is handled as being explosive under certain conditions.

The filter system enables the operators to exchange the filter directly into a plastic bag for disposal without the need of special PPE. The supervision of the filters is automatic, and the operator gets a visible information when it is time to change the filters.

To keep the supply cable in a safe position during operation, the machine comes equipped with a mounted Power Cable Winder. The cable is bright orange to make it more visible for operators – and kept close to the floor to prevent anyone from stumbling over the cable.

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