A secure investment

MSS 800 represents a highly attractive business case with a very short payback and a typical return on investment of less than 2 years.

The mobile sander is very flexible in several ways: It sands a variety of different surfaces/gel-coats, it is prepared for large blades, and it adapts automatically the geometry.

If local demands change, the MSS 800 can easily be packed, moved and installed at another production site. It is very easy to install at the new site, nothing is fixed to the building, and the machine will be up and running again in a matter of a few working days. This flexibility makes the MSS 800 an excellent sanding solution at production sites all over the world.


      • Short payback
      • Attractive business case
      • Automatic adaption of the geometry
      • Works with all sort of surfaces
      • Sands a variety of surfaces/gel-coats
      • Easy to pack, move and install at another production site
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