Based on an installation of 25 machines at various global customers we have decided to make different upgrades of the MSS 800 Ver. 2.

Improved/reduced process time:
The MSS 800 Ver 2 has been upgraded with a new software version, that enables sanding in upwards and downwards directions. This reduces the overall process time with 30 %. The software upgrade is available for all customers and machines.

Improved dust handling on the machine:
We have improved the sanding tool by upgrading it to larger hoses with less flow resistance. This might not be rocket science, but it improves the lifetime of sanding strips due to better suction. The hardware upgrade that is available for all customer and machines.

NEW – Dust extraction for MIDI HEPA 3.0:
We have developed a new dust-extraction that is mounted on the MSS 800 sander, and by that improved the maneuvering of the MSS 800.

Some customer requires the dust from the sanding process to be handled as being explosive under certain conditions. This we have solved with the Dust extraction for MIDI HEPA 3.0.

The new dust extraction has been made with new and improved filter system, that enables the operators to exchange the filter directly into a plastic bag for disposal without the need of special PPE. The super vision of the filters is made automatically, and the operator gets a visible information that it is time to change one of the filters.

The new dust-extraction is approved for ATEX and H-marked and can be used inside the production facility. Approval for this is under evaluation at the Danish authorities but can be used outside Denmark without any extra precaution.

All installed machines can be upgraded with the new Dust extraction for MIDI HEPA 3.0.

NEW – On-board Power Cable Winder 3.0:
In order to keep the supply cable in a safe position during operation, the machine can be equipped with a Power Cable Winder 3.0, mounted on the MSS 800. The cable is bright orange to make it more visible for operators around the machine and kept close to the floor to prevent anyone stumbling over the cable.

Improved delivery time:
Due to the marked demand for short delivery time we are building the MSS 800 to stock. This enables us to make deliveries with short notice, from 2 weeks to 8 weeks, depending on the stock situation.

The current stock situation is by 20/2-2020 3 machines ready for delivery.