Improved working environment and increased speed at reduced cost through engineered sanding

Mobile Semi-automatic Sander 800 is a one-man-operated device specially developed for sanding of wind turbine blades. It fits upright positioned blades, the common positioning mode in most blade manufacturing facilities.
The movement and the sanding along the blade is controlled by only one operator. The vertical movement of the rotating sanding head is fully automated. It moves from the trailing edge of the blade in the upper position to the leading edge closest to the floor.'

Sanding with hand-held power tools has a lot of unfortunate and hazardous impacts on operators. Some of the known challenges are:
  • White fingers
  • Static electricity                                           
  • Repetitive work
  • Massive quantities of dust
  • Work from unsafe platforms, ladders and lifts
Now MSS 800 solves these challenges to the health and safety of your staff. The sanding head is equipped with an effective dust suction that easily connects to the air extraction systems at site, thus, improving the overall air quality in the entire blade workshop.
MSS 800 offer increased speed at reduced cost. It will perform your sanding routines quicker and with a more consistent finish than that of manual sanding. It eliminates the need for expensive platforms and problematic safety measures.  MSS 800  will significantly simplify your day-to-day interaction and reduce your operating time by as much as 75 percent or more.
Summary: Mobile Semi-Automatic Sander 800
  • Improves all aspects of the working environment
  • Eliminates the need for unsafe and expensive platforms
  • Release workforce for more profitable and rewarding tasks
  • Perform consistent and high-quality finish on the entire area