Engineered sanding and knowledge transfer

Klingspor offers top quality advice, equipment and consumables from mould to paint in blade production. We are founded on an extensive experience and expertise in surface preparation of wind turbine blades. Partnering up with Klingspor you gain access to our knowledge and technology which has proven its worth through the preparation of more than 300,000 blades since 1994.

We offer:

Mobile Semi-Automatic Sander: Improves the working environment, releases workforce for more profitable tasks and perform consistent high-quality finish. 

Machines & Consumables: All the hand-held equipment and high-quality consumables necessary for the finishing of wind turbine blades.

HSE, Quality, Economy: Analysis and advice of our specialists, who help optimize quality, economy and HSE issues in blade production.

Klingspor's greatest asset is our people who make up an excessive source of theoretical and practical knowledge. In particular our task force of highly specialized product experts who visit production sites all over the world sharing their experience and expertise. Their knowledge transfer and competence development are key when you want to ensure effective preparation of wind turbine blades.